Lydia is a true story, a fascinating tale about a brave young woman in search of love and total freedom. Lydia is an ambitious, strong-minded girl with a middle class background, that follows her dreams to discover her creativity and become an amazing artist. It is a controversial story about a small, unimportant girl entering a wide new world, starting from scratch, always finding practical solutions that change her life style rapidly. In search of her teacher, she dedicates herself to many different techniques that open the memory of her childhood and past incarnations, thus revealing the secrets of the unknown that keep following and frightening her from her birth. As she progresses, she loses weight, heals herself of cancer and other illnesses, overcomes other great difficulties, and step by step, comes from "thorns to the stars". But most of all, she makes her deepest wish come true - she finds her long awaited twin soul, with whom all parts of her life unite and make sense. Although she is connected with her higher self through her wise teacher, she is denied spirituality through the form of false prophets, and narrow-minded individuals in search of power and magic.